I was born and raised in a land that produces the largest amount of saffron in the world. This spice is a fixture in the kitchens and is used in any food for aroma and coloring, but according to recent research and Ibn Sina’s medical books and old experiences, saffron has a stunning effect on health and happiness, in addition to its influence on color and taste. That is why I have called this plant the magic of nature, a product that women play a key role in making and leading.

The company will spend 5 percent of its profits on women’s entrepreneurship, and another 5 percent will be spent on research and development.

The main priority in our organization is honesty and trust in you, our goal is to play a small role in promoting the health and vitality of people by taking advantage of nature.

Trying to get to know the culture and stories of this land is another part of our work that brings people closer to each other.

The information provided is based on the scientific sources cited.

feritkara saffron