Memory booster

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s with Saffron

Acute ethanol poisoning weakens memory and other cognitive functions, according to research It has an aversive effect and weakens the memory caused by ethanol, not only by ethanol but also by acetaldehyde.

In experiments, saffron improved the learning weakness of ethanol by two small laboratory mice.

This effect of saffron extract is considered to be due to crocin. Saffron has a weakening effect on ethanol on the learning process and inhibits memory and has a calming effect. In addition, saffron can partially improve the effects of morphine inhibition on the space learning process of rats.

The results of the study confirm the effect of crossover memory booster and show that crocin has an effect on the mechanisms of identification and spatial memory.

Saffron and its active ingredients may be helpful in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s that are associated with memory impairment.

Memory Improvement

Memory booster

Memory Improvement


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